ADHD vs. ADD: What's the Difference? - adult a d h d symptoms


ADHD in Adults: ADHD Symptom Checklist adult a d h d symptoms

Hyperactivity can show up as feelings of restlessness in teens and adults. They may also have a hard time doing quiet activities where you sit still. Impulsivity. Symptoms of this include.

Common symptoms of hyperactivity in adults include: Feelings of inner restlessness, agitation, racing thoughts. Getting bored easily, craving excitement, tendency to take risks. Talking excessively, doing a million things at once. Trouble sitting still, constant fidgeting.

ADHD symptoms may affect adults at home, at work, or at school, and in social situations. For a diagnosis of ADHD to be made, symptoms must be present in two or more settings. At home.

In addition, a child or adult must meet the following criteria to be diagnosed with ADHD: displays several symptoms before the age of 12 has symptoms in more than one setting, such as school, at Author: Tricia Kinman.