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ADHD Treatments for Adults: Medication, Nutrition, Therapies, Alternative Treatments, Coaching adult adhd treatment options

ADHD Treatment Options Adult ADHD Treatment Options — An Overview. A brief overview of the most common — and effective — ADHD treatments available to adults: medication, therapies, alternative treatments, and coaching.Author: Penny Williams.

You can treat the symptoms of adult ADHD with medications, counseling, or both. You’ll work with your doctor to figure out what’s best for you. ADHD is different for everyone, so there’s no Author: Terri D'arrigo.

ADHD coaching is a practical intervention that can be used along with other treatment options like medication and other therapies. The focus of coaching is on the specific challenges many adults with ADHD face, including planning, time management, goal setting, organization and problem solving.

Some treatment options for adults with ADHD include psychotherapy, behavioral therapy and medications, as well as natural treatments like dietary changes and exercise. Watch psychologist Jeffrey Gardere, PhD, explain these treatment options for ADHD.

ADHD is a disorder that affects the brain and behaviors. There’s no known cure for ADHD, but several options can help your child manage their symptoms. Treatments range from behavioral Author: The Healthline Editorial Team.