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In 1985 the adoption laws in Ontario were changed so as to allow for the adoption of an adult by another adult. This was done primarily to allow long-standing pseudo parent-child relationships to be recognized by the law as just as legitimate as “real” biological parent-child legal relationships and responsibilities.

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Adult adoption is a popular option for biological parents as well as for children who find their birth family and wish to be formally acknowledged or fathers who find children they didn't know they had. Finally, adult adoptions often occur to provide perpetual care for an adult who has a diminished capacity or disability. Such adult adoptions.

The adoption process in my adult years was unconventional as well. In fact, after nearly two years of attempts and a final, dramatic courtroom session, the results of our family’s adoption journey set a new precedent for adult adoptions in Canada. From babysitter to mother.

Apr 20, 2004 · Adopting a child from Canada to U.S. - Ontario Adoption. Congratulations on a successful adoption. I have just read your note posted on and wonder if you could send me the name of the agency (in Michigan) that you used for your adoption.