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Braces and retainers provide a solution to imperfect teeth which could dramatically transform your smile. Our orthodontic services can resolve a spectrum of teeth issues such as misalignment and crowding. Bad alignment of teeth can have impending effects on long-term health and with one set of adult teeth why wouldn’t you protect them.

Jan 15, 2019 · Short-term braces cannot give you the same results as traditional orthodontics if you have issues that affect your dental health, such as a misaligned jaw wherein teeth don't come together properly when you chew. Rapid Braces vs. Veneers. For this reason, High Speed Braces ® are primarily promoted as a cosmetic dentistry alternative to veneers.

Ask about adult braces at our Glasgow practice. Invisible braces are a fast, discrete way to straighten your teeth. And they are suitable for adults. Ask about adult braces at our Glasgow practice. She had Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces and in this video (click to play) you can see Dr Murphy checking on her braces and changing the rubber.

Invisible braces in Glasgow are used for cosmetic use and cannot be used for extreme tooth misalignment, nor can they be used to fix issues with a person’s jaw line/bite. Cosmetic treatments such as teeth straightening Glasgow, teeth whitening and dental implants are becoming more and more popular and due to advances in technology - dentistry.

Compare all the dentists and contact the adult braces clinic in Scotland that's right for you. The highly skilled team strive to use appropriate appliances to correct the alignment of the teeth of patients and to give them a comfortable bite. Dentistry On The Square are one of only a few cosmetic dentists in Glasgow that can provide you.