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adult career concerns inventory

Adult Career Concerns Inventory The career concerns presented to counselors by adults vary widely. Some clients are making new career choices, others are coping with adjustment problems, and still others are planning retirement.

PDF | The purpose of this study was to develop and test a short form of the Adult Career Concerns Inventory (ACCI; D. E. Super, A. S. Thompson, & R. H. Lindeman, 1988), a measure of career stage.

Mar 01, 1996 · This article describes the Adult Career Concerns Inventory (ACCI; Super, Thompson, & Lindeman, 1988), an instrument developed by Donald Super and his colleagues for use by counselors in facilitating adult career planning and exploration.Cited by: 28.

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The Adult Career Concerns Inventory operationally defines Super’s model of career adaptability in adulthood. This model postulates that individuals are likely to progress through four stages as they cycle through an occupational position or job.