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Publication 970 (2018), Tax Benefits for Education | Internal Revenue Service adult education benefits emplyers

Many employers profit from offering tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance programs for their employees. Learn about these advantages and get information about how can help.

If you qualify for one or more of the education tax benefits discussed in chapters 2 through 12, you may have to reduce the amount of education expenses qualifying for a specific tax benefit by part or all of your VA payments. This applies only to the part of your VA payments that .

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adult population, this means continuing education provided outside of the K–12 school system. A key component of that education delivery system is workplace-based education and training programs. It is the purpose of the chapter to sort through what is and is not known about company-provided training and to identify the implications for.

Abby Herman is a writer and journalist with years of experience covering topics in higher education and workforce development.A former classroom teacher and corporate-world professional, Abby also has first-hand knowledge of continuing education and its benefit to both employees and employers.Author: Staff Writers.