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The skills level is an instructional level geared to helping hockey players develop the fundamentals of the game. It is intended for players getting back into the game or just learning to play hockey. The skills level is also great for players at the novice and lower intermediate levels looking to move to the next skill level.

Hockey Skill Level Definitions. Adult Player Skill Level Rating Guidelines: One of our main goals at Hockey Finder is to ensure parity within our league. With thousands of players playing it certainly is a challenge however with this guideline and seasonal reviews from our captains and division managers we feel we're best set up to ensure games are close and everyone is having fun.

Level 3 skaters are the great wide middle of adult recreational hockey. Most Level 3 skaters have not had significant coaching or played significant youth hockey as a child, but are generally athletic, have good knowledge of the game, skating and puck handling skills and can .

Novice – Team is comprised of players with novice hockey skills. Although some players may have 5+ years of playing experience (either as an adult or a youth), this experience is not to have exceeded the adult novice, or beginner youth levels. These teams may be comparable to traditional low “C” or “D” level adult house league teams.

Adult Hockey offers many member benefits which include a wide variety of playing opportunities for men and women that range from regional adult classics, pond hockey, NHL events and national championships. Get more information on adult hockey events below.