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A photo release form is a written agreement between you, the person you are photographing, the parent or guardian of the child (or children) you are photographing, or the owner of any property you are photographing.Author: Mary White.

Photo Release Form (Includes a Version for Minors) Here's What You'll Find in the Photo Release Form Bundle: Two photography release forms (one for adults and another one for minors).

53 FREE Photo Release Form Templates [Word, PDF] Anywhere we turn today; people are clicking and snapping pictures profusely. In fact, the world of today is heavily dominated by social media, which itself is being run by pictures and photos.

The photographer (or videographer etc.) has the ideal opportunity to get photo release forms signed after a shoot (or video recording) and having a signed agreement in place, can mean the difference between the sale or not of a photograph or video. The free model release form on this page is for adults and covers the use of sound also.

Adult Model Release Form - Covers still photographs as well as video with voice recording. Photo Release Forms - Specifically for Minors Sample Model Release - Shortened Release Form Model Release Forms - For Group Photographs.