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Adult vs. Kid Pool Parties. A children's or teen pool party is often filled with beach toys and aquatic games, but at an adult party there aren't any rousing games of Marco Polo, squirt gun fights, or melting popsicles. At the same time, however, a pool party can be just as much fun for adults who want to keep cool during a hot summer and are looking for a fun way to celebrate a summer holiday Author: Stephanie Kelley.

5 fun pool games for adults to play. Previous Next Pool volleyball Nothing’s more fun than a good old-fashioned game of volleyball – except, of course, when you move that game into the pool. Whether you buy a pool volleyball set or put up your own net over the pool, make sure it’s at a height that won’t make it too difficult to get.

Apr 29, 2018 · Adults don’t need to sit around the pool all summer watching the fun, they should jump in feet first and enjoy. Summer is right around the corner, so plan some adult parties or couples’ nights at your pool and amp up the fun factor with these top ten swimming pool games for adults. 1. Tug of War. Remember the grade school game that stressed.

Pools, beaches, and lakes provide perfect places to cool off and play a fun water game. Not all water games require that you get in a body of water. Water balloon games also cool off participants and provide a great deal of fun. Try out one of our many swimming pool and water games the next time you have a party or get-together.

Nov 08, 2016 · Kids are easily entertained; throw a pool party complete with goggles and snacks and you’ll have little to worry about. Hosting a party for friends and neighbors is another ballgame entirely. Kick your next adult poolside fiesta up a notch with these ten must-have games and accessories.