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Erotic Story Room (A to L) These stories are for adults only and include graphic and sometimes shocking content. The stories in this collection are provided for your entertainment. If a story does not amuse you do not read it. Dawson's Creek: Andie is Crazy and Horny! by Mike Bayers (Lesbian sex, Anal, Dildo, Parody).

Stories, Series, and Universes by Mike McGifford at Storiesonline. After the world unites, lives continue to be forever changed (3) Part of the World Community Government universe A man with no history is naively enslaved by the WCG.

Gay male erotica stories involving camping and the outdoors.

I am a happily married 40 something guy. My wife Lori is a brunette bombshell, beautiful face, curvy body, gorgeous thick thighs, and loves sex. I was very much a prude when it came to experimentation in the bedroom. Before I met Lori I had many sexual experiences .