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Jun 04, 2008 · WebMD examines common fall allergy causes, treatments, and symptoms. Learn more about what triggers allergies in the fall season.

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Oct 15, 2018 · Allergies are exaggerated immune responses to environmental triggers known as allergens. The common cold and the flu can cause respiratory symptoms similar to allergies. Typically, allergy symptoms are associated with a specific time of year or exposure to an allergen. The Most Common Food Allergies for Kids and Adults.

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness month. While you often hear about allergies this time of the year, it is still vital to learn about asthma! Did you know that 18.7 million adults and 6.8 million children in the U.S. have asthma? That equates to 8% of adult.

Allergies aren't just for spring and fall. WebMD explains what you need to know about symptoms, causes, treatments, and prevention of winter allergies.Author: Stephanie Watson.