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Golden Retriever For Adoption available adult golden retriever

We “DO" have Golden Adult(s) for Retirement / Adoption. see Available Adults below. email us for more info (PLEASE - serious inquiries only, that are ready to adopt an adult golden; BUT - PLEASE read some specifics about the type of home each adult will be best suited for BEFORE contacting us.

Available Fully Trained Golden Retrievers. Spirit. Ready to go home as a Fully Trained Family Companion now! Spirit is a medium sized female who has just about completed her obedience training as well as advanced public access training.

Occasionally we have adult golden retrievers available. These dogs have finished their show career, or have finished training. If you are interested in an adult, please let us know by Contacting Legend Lake Golden Retrievers or completing our application form. By the time we decide to place a dog, most of the time we already have a waiting list.

Before completing your online adoption application, please read the following information: Thank you for your interest in adopting a Golden Retriever from Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. SCGR Rescue is grateful for people with hearts large enough to help a dog that needs a loving home.

Available Adult English Cream Golden Retreiver Adoption. Wisteria Goldens. Information, Contact, Links to pictures, pedigree, and personality. Available Adult English Cream Golden Retriever for Adoption. Currently we have two available adult dogs ready for adoption.