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Students gain theoretical knowledge, research skills and the ability to apply adult education principles while teaching. They will learn to adapt to the particular needs of adults, and find out how to motivate adults to share their professional experiences and help them learn through discussions, collaboration and practical activities.

If you choose to pursue a graduate degree, the Bachelor's in Adult Education will prepare you for the Bellevue University Master's in Instructional Design and Technology and others. Others Also Considered.

The Bachelor of Adult Education (BA) program objective is to provide students with technical training necessary to work in the broad field of adult education and training; including community development, training coordination, mentorship, staff development, corporate and career training, adult education, and in-service training.

Earning a bachelors in adult education may also be required for entry-level adult literacy and high school equivalency diploma or postsecondary vocational education teaching positions. It’s important to note that many states require potential educators to earn additional licensure, known as a teaching certificate, before entering government-run classrooms.Author: Elearners.Com.

Bachelor Adult Education Adult Education is training, administrating and providing educational support to people beyond the age of eighteen years. The Bachelor of Adult Education degree prepares individuals for training and educating adult learners in different areas of study.