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If you want to block specific programs on the computer from this user, in the Windows Settings area, click Allow and block specific programs. Make your selections and click OK. Review the settings on the User Controls page, and then make any changes or click OK to return to the Parental Controls page.

If you mean legal downloads like steam and impulse, then sure you can download anything on a netbook. Although I doubt you would be able to play them on the netbook .

Oct 03, 2007 · How to block X rated webpages? Is there any function on the computer that allows me to do so? I have young kids that have now twice hit links that went to such pages. Yes, you can categorically block adult content from being accessed or installed on your computer by using an internet fileter/monitoring software. Not only will this software Followers: 1.

There are several ways to block access to adult sites such as 97gan including software such as Family Shield. You can also block these sites from your internet exploring by going to tools.

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