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The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is a full service career and technical school dedicated to preparing high school students and adults for careers in the new economy. Lancaster County CTC is best among its class and strives to meet the highest standards of quality instruction.

Full-Time Day Classes At the Lebanon CTC, we strive to offer career and technical training for high school students and adults. If/when a high school daytime program is not filled to capacity, it is open for adult students to enroll.

The Mission of the Lebanon County Career and Technology Center is to provide high school and adult students with the skill, knowledge, and understanding necessary to obtain employment, advance in careers, pursue postsecondary education and enrich their lives.

Lawrence County Career and Technology Center (LCCTC), located at 750 Phelps Way, New Castle, Pennsylvania, it is a technical educational institution founded in 1969 to meet the needs of the community and eight secondary sending schools in Lawrence County. The mission of LCCTC is to provide quality c.

I thought the CTE Programs were only for high school students? No, we have courses for high school and adult students. Our programs are not only designed for those students who want to earn a degree or certificate or who plan to transfer to an adult education, but also for lifelong learners and working professionals who want to update their skills.