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The middle-aged working class spends a vast amount of money and is one of the most lucrative market segments for many types of businesses. The purchasing power of the middle-aged working class is a double-edged sword - this market segment has money to spend, but many competitors are vying for that money making it more difficult for any one company to be successful.

Find Marketing to Adults: Adult Demographic Research Reports and industry analysis for market segmentation data, market growth and new business opportunities. Adults () Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis. Filter your search. Adults () Industry Research & Market Reports Middle East (4) South America (3) Oceania (3.

Marketing To The Middle Class The past five years have been a struggle for many working-class Americans, especially for those that fall into the middle class income level. In fact, according to a recent CNN Money article, most Americans (except those in the richest 1%) have seen just a % increase in income from to

You, too, can build a better, stronger business, by identifying and serving a particular customer group - your target do you so this? By learning how to use target market segmentation to find the pool of potential customers that will most be interested in .

THE UNPRECEDENTED EXPANSION OF THE GLOBAL MIDDLE CLASS: AN UPDATE 3 DEFINITION AND METHODOLOGY The middle class has been defined by myself and many others, before and since, as comprising those.