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State-Specific Rates of Mental Retardation -- United States, 1993. For adults, the rate was 6.6 and varied approximately sixfold (range: 2.5 in Alaska to 15.7 in West Virginia). In most (42 {84%}) states, the rate for children was higher than that for adults; in seven (14%) .

The prevalence of this disorder is approximately 1 in 3500 males. According to studies, mental retardation from fragile X patients is accounted about 5.9% of cases in males while only 0.3% in females. Contagious gene deletion syndromes This is a less common cause of mental retardation.

In general, at least 25 percent of persons with mental retardation may have significant psychiatric problems, with the population experiencing, in particular, significantly increased rates of schizophrenia, depression, and ADHD 17). What causes mental retardation.

About three to four percent of the mentally retarded population have severe mental retardation. They have an IQ score of around 20 to 40. With good guidance, individuals can master basic self-care skills. They also acquire the necessary communication skills to an extent.

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