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3 days 8 hours: NwN1 Project Tileset: NWN2 Houses Tileset - Fix for Greek Temple Tile. This is a simple fix for Zwerkules' NWN2 Houses tileset. The Greek Temple 1 tileset group was missing a few textures, so I decided to release this small addendum to rectify the issue.

Adult Content Modules [NWN1] (That means Not For Kids -- Sex and Dark Themes) Thu, 2013-05-30 11:06 — Werelynx. Category: Adult. Module contains sexual situations and uses intimate animations. Always Winter Nights 2 Shiver on the River by MutantNinjaDwarf [module page - on the old vault].

Sep 08, 2019 · I read from wkbuilder that another modder maybe developing a NWN adult module recently. There might be another version of his latest module coming up. I need to check that out on the n-vault. Reactions: Cirro84. Neriman Member. You need to have Neverwinter Nights 1.69 or later. Beamdog just released an Enhanced Edition of NWN, but I have.

Oct 10, 2017 · Yep, no doubt us jiggly boob fans, and the resulting outrage from conservative groups, helped prompt the designers to severely limit the ability to add jiggy boob models, or walk around naked in NWN2 I'm sure there's ways around the NWN2 'puritan' stuff that was added, that modders may have come up with since it's release, but this is why I still fall back on NWN when I need my NWN fix.

Jan 30, 2013 · Ive been playing Neverwinter Nights for a long, long time now and Ive played a lot of adult mods for it as well. Neverwinter Nights also has probably the most user-friendly and easy to use toolkit Ive ever seen. Its for that reason that Im confused as to why LoversLab never started up a Neverwint.