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POAMN is the Presbyterian Older Adult Ministries Network, a network of persons who are engaged in ministry with older adults. These people work in presbyteries and synods, they are leaders in congregations, and some serve in specialized ministries such as chaplains in care facilities and presbytery staff who are involved with older adult ministry committees.

Older Adult Ministry. Initial Report on Boomerstock. Joanne Peterson “Boomerstock” was a 4 day colloquium sponsored by the Aging and Older Adult Ministries section of Discipleship Ministries (formerly General Board of Discipleship) of the United Methodist Church. Over 100 people from all but 5 annual conferences in the United States were.

Today’s Adult Generations by Louis B. Hanks, (Convention Press [Life Way], 1996). Check your church media library for this resource it is out of print. Another good overview of adult ministry in general with good empha-sis on Senior Adults is Un-derstanding Today’s Adults: 25 Years and Older by Jim Walter.

An Age of Opportunity: Intentional Older Adult Ministry by Richard H. Gentzler, Jr. (Discipleship Resources, Nashville, TN 2018). An informative resource with a wealth of material to enable congregations to become intentional in ministry by, with, and for older adults.

Older Adult Ministries. Older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic in many of our congregations. Churches genuinely concerned about the faith development of all God’s people will want to develop vital ministry by, with and for older adults.