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High, Exceptional & Profoundly Gifted (HEPG) Group. Giftedness is averaged to make up well less than 5% of the general population, and within that small number, there are subclassifications: mild, moderate, high, exceptional and profound giftedness.

We all know that a mild or moderately gifted person can feel a strong sense of being an “alien” in a group of non-gifted people; so too can a highly, exceptionally or profoundly gifted person feel a strong sense of being an “alien” in a group of mild or moderately gifted people (the same is true between profoundly and highly gifted too.

Characteristics of Gifted Adults Emotional Aspects of Gifted & Creative Adults The Misdiagnosis of Gifted Adults lend help and protection when needed and to fly on our own or with another formation when we need to catch up with our group. I have noticed what I have come to call PGG or "Profoundly Gifted Guilt," which is the feeling that.

Highly Gifted+ NZ & Around the World parents of Profoundly, Highly or Exceptionally gifted children. From New Zealand and anywhere Guiding the Musically Gifted - a support group for parents of musically gifted children who are currently studying a musical instrument. To My Gifted Life - peer support for gifted adults and parents of.

the solutions that work to help gifted adults realize their potential, gain happiness and live fulfilling lives. Interacting & Working with 'multi-gifted' adults requires specialized knowledge, training and skills. Helping gifted, talented, and creative adults understand themselves, their .