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Adult Venturing Awards (knots) The requirements have been updated for both the Key and Training Award. Venturing leaders who have started to earn these awards may use either set of requirements, but those who have not started to work on an award may only use the new requirements (links below are the new requirements).

Earn one Venturing Bronze Award Earn Venturing Gold Award Emergency Preparedness Certified in First Aid Certified in CPR Certified in BSA Safe Swim Defense Training Course Either lead or participate in a group swim using BSA Safe Swim Defense a. Successfully complete Venturing Leadership Skills Course b.

Venturing Advancement Opportunities Chart (PDF File - 499KB) by J. Soni Davidson. Venturing Crew Advancement Tracking Spreadsheet, by Brad Andrews (XLS file - 76KB) Power Point Presentations provided by Brad Harris, Associate Director, Venturing Division, BSA. Venturing - The Next Step (666KB) Venturing Leader Specific Training (209 KB).

2. Complete BSA Mentoring Training prior to initiating mentoring relationships.. 3. Since earning the Pathfinder Award, mentor another Venturer in the planning and implementation of a crew, council, area, regional, or national Venturing activity (see Summit Adventure requirement 1).

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