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Dec 01,  · Find out about the Office of the Public Guardian's policy on protecting adults at risk of abuse or neglect. Safeguarding policy: protecting vulnerable adults - Skip to main contentAuthor: Office of The Public Guardian.

Minnesota’s state policy is to provide safe environments and services for vulnerable adults and protective services for vulnerable adults who have been maltreated. The Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC) provides a toll-free number, , the general public can call to report suspected maltreatment of vulnerable adults.

The vulnerable adult, or an interested person acting on behalf of the vulnerable adult, may request a review by the Vulnerable Adult Maltreatment Review Panel under section if the lead investigative agency denies the request or fails to act upon the request, or if the vulnerable adult or interested person contests a reconsidered.

The law authorized the Department of Human Services to develop, administer, and implement a program of protective services for vulnerable adults. Definition: A vulnerable adult is any person older than age 18, or emancipated by marriage that has a substantial mental or functional impairment.

Adult Protection. Adult Protection involves making contact with the vulnerable adult to assess and offer emergency and continuing protective services for the purposes of preventing maltreatment and safeguarding the welfare of the vulnerable adult. In Stearns County, adult protection is provided through staff in the Community Supports Division.