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When partners are lost and then return, after you moved on. Doug shares his wife with me. Husband realizes Kev's story is different than wife's story. Newly-married wife rekindles a relationship with an ex. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Literotica wife sex stories. Wipe swapping, swingers, cheating wives and other related adult fiction.

Sep 19, 2009 · I always wonder too about other married couples and if they comtemplate wife sharing. My wife and I have talked about it several times when we were younger,but nothing ever came about until a spur of the moment thing about three years ago at which she was 47 and I 49. It was all I had dreamed of in my fantasies.

My hot wife puts on a half-time show for my clients. Surprise for Darren backfires on Betsy. Marion poses for some nude photography. Kara fulfills her fantasy of sharing her husband. Paul shares Lisa with his father for a full week. and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!

Wife Sharing Bernie and Friends Celebrate New Year 1976 Written by jimmybeeps, January 13th, 2018. Ernesto asked Bernadette where she wanted to go party on New Years? “Bernie” as she likes the to be called, said she was going to call Joan as she might have a plan. I believe people hear or read stories similar to this and think that we Reviews: 1.