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Dec 27, 2010 · I was thinking about getting her an adult tricycle like the Schwinn Meridian or the Torker Tristar because of added stability. Her commute is 2.5 miles one way and flat so I was thinking about a single speed. Any opinions on the bikes listed above or other options. How uncool are adult tricycles - I'd hate to scar her for life.

More likely it’s because I’m sitting eye level with their tires – in an adult tricycle. And when drivers eventually do yield, they look at me with a mix of bewilderment and a smile that says.

Winter tricycle adult commute snow tires. Winter tires are built specifically to perform in winter conditions like low temperatures, ice, slush, and snow. All–season tires are built to handle a variety of road conditions–dry roads, wet roads, and in many cases, light snow.

This winter I have been testing out a pair of studded 26×4″ Terrene Cake Eater “light” casing tires. For full specs on these tires, check out my Initial Look. My neck of the woods got bombarded with snow in December and early January but then Mother Nature turned off the snow spigot and gave us [ ].

Oct 17, 2017 · It is extremely quiet, which mean that you can even roam around the inside of you house without really disturbing anyone. The wheels on this adult scooter are military grade, airless, never flat rubber tires. This adult scooter offers great mobility as well (click here for our review on the best Kick Scooters for Adults). You can fold it, out 4.9/5(15).