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May 16, 2008 · does anyone have any cool msn nicks? like ones i can use for my name or the type in personal messige lookin for COOL ones e.g-i am who i am live with it and those kinda stuff XD thxStatus: Resolved.

Best answer: Yes I'm not really happy about what Google has done with taking Ubuntu Linux and using it in a method to promote add based operating system Linux is not had based its open source Android unfortunately is not and unless you root your Android device which pretty makes it about as open to attack as Windows then you have to put up with Google's ads and you're right about Windows 10 it.

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May 19, 2013 · Just wondering if anyone uses msn still cause its kinda old and people use facebook and stuff now alot. Im 22, a leo and live in canada if anyone wants to be a freind or whatever add me. And no creeps i will delete u [email protected] thats my i.d lol, i know its weird but it works still for some reason. Hope to hear from u soonStatus: Resolved.

Best answer: As men to their fathers - it is strange, as we have all likely said at some point 'I don't want to turn into my parent'.