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Brooklyn T. Guy - Mami (Dora the Explorer) Mr. Goodman - Abuela (Dora the Explorer) Principal Steinbeck - Zeta (Shimmer and Shine) Black Yoshi - Sweetie (PAW Patrol) Gallery Daizy as Bowser Junior. Widget as Bowser. Bear Queen as Chef Pee Pee.

Version 1 Emily as Dora, Bowser Junior as Boots, Chef Pee Pee as Benny, Rosalina as Isa, Toad as Tico, Black Yoshi as Swiper, Bowser as Boots' Dad, Valerie as Bowser's Mom, Hop Hop Bunny as Choclate Tree, Jackie Twu as Baby Bird, Jackie Chu as Senior Tycoon, Peach as .