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Oct 11, 2010 · For Protection - In socioeconomic challenged neighborhoods and areas with high crime rates, teens often join gangs in order to survive. Gang members "have .

“For these kids, the gangs are almost like social clubs,” says Dr. Sladkin. “They meet in school and talk about who’s in this gang or that gang. They’re not the youngsters who are staying out all night and getting mixed up in crime and turf wars.” Protecting Teens From Gangs.

Gangs: statistics. Here are some quick stats regarding gang violence and teen violence due to gang membership (1): With Denver as an example, it was found that even though only 14 percent of teens are in gangs, these teens are responsible for 89 percent of violent crimes. Teen violence is quite prevalent with involvement in gangs.

Criminal gangs may function both inside and outside of prison, such as the Nuestra Familia, Mexican Mafia, Folk Nation, and the Brazilian PCC. During the 1970s, prison gangs in Cape Town, South Africa began recruiting street gang members from outside and .