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The Farrow System is a unique low-pressure cleaning solution using environmentally friendly media and by introducing heat to the process, achieves maximum performance at minimum pressure, cleaning any surface without damaging it.

May 28, 2009 · Does anyone have any experience or info about the Farrow bottom paint removal system vs. soda blasting? There is a gentlemen here in New England who does this system and indicates that it is superior to soda systems.

Aug 31, 2007 · Procedures such as the Farrow System are eco-friendly.Eventually the day will come when you have to bare your bottom. No, I don't mean your college reunion or Mardi Gras—I'm talking about stripping your antifouling paint, taking your boat's bottom down to bare surface to prep for fresh primer and paint, to find and repairAuthor: Mike Smith.

On fiberglass boats, The Farrow System ® removes anti-fouling and other bottom coatings quickly and completely, leaving the gelcoat intact, water tight, and ready for paint. The Farrow System .

Atlantic Green Pro was brought in to finish the job with our dust free Farrow System. After: 25' Proline notice how nice the front area of the boat was cleaned up which was soda blasted. Atlantic Green Pro did the entire bottom.