Cube Ice Shavers cube ice shaved ice shaver

For the best in shaved ice the Snowie Cube Pro Ice Shaver is in a class by its self. This is simply the quietest, fastest, most reliable, and easy to use ice shaver ever produced! Just pour in the ice, step on the pedal, and out comes a snow that truly rivals Mother Nature’s own.

Hatsuyuki's NSF approved and UL listed cube ice shaver. Machine uses easy to find cube ice. Easy to use. Unique blade adjustment enables user to make light and fluffy snow. When lid is open, machine turns off for a safe work environment. No exposed blade or moving parts. Also available in 12 volt battery model (see 71HC8EDC).

This electronic cube ice shaver has a shaving capacity of over 1500 servings per day, making it ideal for things like carnivals and big shaved ice businesses. 1-800-Shaved-Ice also carries the popular Hatsuyuki Ice Cube Shaver, which can shave up to 6 pounds of light, fluffy ice per minute and is great for birthday parties and fundraisers.Founded: Apr 02, 2003.

The smallest ice shaver among Hatsuyuki commercial shavers. Compact and easy to install in a small space. Almost 2 servings (16 ice cubes) as its capacity for shaved ice snow cone.

Cube ice shavers are shaved ice machines that accept cubed ice or bagged ice which you can find at a local convenience store. Cube shavers have their advantages and excel in some areas compared to their competition, block ice shavers.Each has its pros and cons, so decide which features are going to meet your needs.Founded: Apr 02, 2003.