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To add girth to your penis, opt for a penis sleeve. Sleeves usually have deep grooves or nubs, and may feature a small vibrator as well for increased pleasure. A classic option for improving performance, penis pumps can provide hours of lasting enjoyment. Or if length is what you’re after, try one of our penis extenders.

Penis Extensions & Sleeves Penis extensions make your erection longer; the extender inside the tip adds between 1 inch to 3 inches of length. Penis sleeves fit the same way, but they make the erection thicker and increase girth. Realistic silicone and vibrating sleeves enhance sex for both partners.

Penis extension sleeves offer you the opportunity to grow your dick anytime you want with the additional sensations that she will surely love when you thrust in her. However, finding the best one can be challenging due to the volume of items available on the market.

A penis sleeve is a sex toy making your penis longer and more textured. You can choose the model, making your penis bigger, longer, wider or add some fancy details to give the partner paradise pleasure. (1) Also, it does sexual intercourse longer due to the natural decrease in the sensitivity of a penis.

If you are wishing you had a little "more" in the penis department, then try one of our penis extenders! These little beauties will instantly add length and girth. Add length and girth with a penis sleeve! These penis sleeves slip over your member and instantly add inches and thickness.