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stomach aches after masturbation

Possible causes of pain in the stomach after masturbation. Cramps. Masturbation can be a vigorous activity that may be too much for the abdominal muscles of some people, particularly if the frequency of masturbation is a lot. Try and reduce the number of times you are masturbating and then see if the problem resolves on its own.

I am a 41 year old male. I have been having stomach problems after masturbation. A visual inspection of the prostate seems fine. I have had blood, urine and C.G.I. tests which all have shown to be negative. My doctor has never heard of this problem and basically told me to live it. The pain seems to move around.

Sep 04, 2018 · You might be unwittingly holding your breath and gulping air. Be mindful of your air intake, slow down and relax your diaphragm more. You might be getting a muscle cramp and need to drink more water or eat foods with higher potassium. Could be gas.

Oct 03, 2009 · Thats the thing. Same here! I found relief after stopping to masturbate. Masturbation isn't natural. While it may seem normal to masturbate a few times Status: Resolved.

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