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valerie solanas: up your ass (1965). a peça de teatro que talvez possa ter deflagrado a raiva contra andy warhol [*]. junto a s.c.u.m., da própria autora, e the female man, da joanna russ, um retrato hiberbólico, exagerado, mas nem por isso falso, do machismo da época. “no seu rabo” foi 3.7/5.

Up Your Ass is a radical feminist play written in 1965 by Valerie Solanas about a young prostitute. According to writer James Martin Harding, the play is "based on a plot about a woman who 'is a man-hating hustler and panhandler' and who ends up killing a man."Written by: Valerie Solanas.

Sep 13, 2017 · Up Your Ass, never before published, is the avant-garde play script by radical feminist Valerie Solanas that that catapulted her to shoot Andy Warhol in 1968. Solanas gave this provocative satire to Warhol in the hopes that he would produce it. But when he lost it Solanas became convinced that he and his Factory friends were conspiring against her.2.9/5(2).

[Access article in PDF] Up Your Ass an excerpt from the play by Valerie Solanas [The Simplest Surrealist Act]Author: Valerie Solanas.

Mar 20, 2014 · A little over a week ago, I staged two performances of Up Your Ass, the long-lost play Valerie Solanas wrote in 1965 and gave to Andy Warhol hoping he would produce it.When Warhol lost the manuscript, Solanas showed up at the Factory and Author: Selesnya.