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Breast masses are three-dimensional space-occupying lesions in the breasts. This article provides an overview of the standard BI-RADS terminology used to describe breast masses in radiology reports and other reporting suggestions.

Mar 08, 2019 · Breast masses are broadly classified as benign or malignant. Common causes of a benign breast mass include fibrocystic disease, fibroadenoma (see the image below), intraductal papilloma, and abscess.

In the pediatric and adolescent population, breast masses are nearly always benign, self-limited and managed conservatively, in contrast to adults, where malignant tumors have a relatively high incidence and often require excision. 1-5 In addition, normal developmental variants, which can mimic tumor, are more common in a young population.

Jun 19, 2019 · A breast mass is a lump or growth in your breast or underarm. A cyst (fluid-filled pocket), an injury, or changes in your breast tissue are the most common causes. A breast mass can also be caused by cancer. You must follow up as directed to find the cause of your breast mass.

The discovery of a breast mass is a common occurrence, and it is distressing for any woman. The choice of initial imaging study is most often guided by the patient's age. ABSTRACTThe finding of a palpable breast mass on physical examination often warrants a radiologic workup including directed ultrasonography, diagnostic mammography, and, at times, biopsy with ultrasonographic guidance.