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Nov 20, 2015 · Breast cancer surgery during pregnancy. Surgery to remove the cancer in the breast and nearby lymph nodes is a major part of treatment for any woman with early breast cancer, and generally is safe in pregnancy. Options for breast cancer surgery might include: Removing the entire breast ; Removing just the part containing the cancerLast Revised: September 27, 2017.

Breast cancer treatment during pregnancy is the same as for nonpregnant women in the case of early disease. Advanced disease is usually treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy. Learn about breast cancer during pregnancy as well as possible effects on the baby in this expert-reviewed summary.

Breast cancer during pregnancy is often referred to as gestational breast cancer or pregnancy-associated breast cancer (PABC). The society believes that, due the increasing numbers of women having children later in life, the rates of breast cancer during pregnancy will also increase.

Is there a relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer risk? Are any pregnancy-related factors associated with a lower risk of breast cancer? Some pregnancy-related factors have been associated with a reduced risk of developing breast cancer later in life. These factors include: Are any.

Sep 29, 2015 · If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy, you’ll likely be shocked and overwhelmed when you hear the news, worried about your health and that of your baby-to-be, and concerned about what lies ahead. But try to take some comfort in knowing that that the cancer cells will not spread to or harm your baby.