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7 Easy Ways To Last longer In Bed Tonight (Exact Methods) | EF how to last longer without cum

The key to controlling the PC muscle is to relax it during sex. That’s how you last longer. So when you feel yourself stiffening up, take some deep breaths, but make sure you breathe through your diaphragm, not just shallow chest breaths. This will put you in a “calm arousal” state that will allow you to last longer.

Now that we have the basics down, here are 4 ways to naturally help you last longer in bed without any pills: 2. Use Karma Sutra Techniques. One of the main tenants of Karma Sutra is delayed gratification, or delayed orgasm. Karma Sutra is one of the best ways to train yourself to last longer in bed. However, you don’t need to become.

And to help you in the process, be sure to download the app, Stamena, which will help train you to last longer. Step 1: Reduce Your Sexual Anxiety. If you go into sex thinking that you won’t last very long, you won’t. Sliding in with any sort of anxiety about your sexual abilities will make you cum much faster than you want to.

Masturbating a couple of hours before having sexual intercourse can help you last longer during sex. This is because when you ejaculate during masturbation, the sensitivity on the penis tends to decrease. So, you take a longer time to reach an orgasm and finally ejaculate again.

Mar 16, 2007 · A male reader, anonymous, writes (1 January 2008): it is easy to masturbate for long time if u know your limits. if you identify the point when u cant prevent cumming and stop masturbating just before that point, you can cum when you choose if youre careful. with this method you can last over an hour, though you may have to stop a lot.