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A Virgin Mary tattoo enables a permanent emblem of divinity. Christians of every denomination are flocking to these inspirational illustrations. The wistful gaze of Jesus Christ’s mother offers unparalleled meaning for the devoutly faithful. It is almost impossible to think of a design that could be nobler than a Virgin Mary display.

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May 07, 2019 · Reverent Virgin Mary Tattoos. When you want a virgin Mary tattoo, plan ahead, and tell others about it. You can use it as your own personal quest to tell others about God, further cementing your faith. It can spark many interesting conversations, even among non-Christians.

The term Madonna in the sense of "picture or statue of the Virgin Mary" enters English usage in the 17th century, primarily in reference to works of the Italian Renaissance. In an Eastern Orthodox context, such images are typically known as Theotokos. "Madonna" may be generally used of representations of Mary, with or without the infant Jesus.