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There are a lot of factors at play, from genetics to baseline hormone levels, from dosage to efficacy of treatment. I will give you two widely different cases. Case A (me): 18 year old trans woman, larger frame, minor gynecomastia (breast growth).

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My Natural Breast Augmentation Story (With My Before/After Photos) by Tara Mackey | Blogroll, Health, All you need is to set aside a few minutes everyday to stimulate breast growth – and you’re good to go. because DHT is a male hormone that can slow down or prevent breast growth.

Fenugreek and Male Breast Growth. Fenugreek is an extremely powerful estrogenic plant, in other words, it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens. These plant hormones are the ones responsible for increasing breasts size in males and causing them to grow naturally and rapidly when used properly.