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The Scarless Breast Lift. As in the case of Breast Lifting and Mastopexy, women seeking this surgery are really disturbed about the drooping appearance of their breasts. Even though the degree of deformity is usually less, their discontent and concern is as much or even more.

Scarless breast lift utilizes BodyTite™ technology to raise the breasts to a more youthful position without the need for invasive surgery. The no-scar breast lift can firm loose breast skin to add shape to your breasts. BodyTite™ can contour the breasts using radio frequency (RF) technology that combines liposuction and skin tightening into one minimally invasive procedure.5/5(5).

Scarless breast implants from Dr. Lo! Scarless Breast Implants Gives you your best look with NO scars on your breasts. Before and After. I had breast augmentation with a lift, a tummy tuck and under eye surgery. I am very pleased with my results. Thank you for explaining each procedure in detail. The confidence you have given me is.

With an Scarless Breast Lift, a woman can repair stretching and sagging of the breasts that may occur after pregnancy. A Scarless Breast Lift may also serve as an ideal option for a woman who through the natural aging process has seen her breasts fall and would like a more lifted, perky breast silhouette.

Breast implants before and after pictures, images, & photos before procedure and after breast implant procedures are completed. (215) 829-6900. Breast Lift. Mommy Makeover. Tummy Tuck. About. The Dr. Lo Advantage. Patient Reviews The phrase "scarless breast implant technique" refers to a procedure whereby breast augmentation surgery is.