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A loose stitch on the underside of the material is a common problem caused by a lack of precision in the setup of the machine. Different parts move and rotate simultaneously. If they are not timed correctly, one side sews faster than the other.

Stitches are loose on the top and/or bottom. - Remove any loose threads or lint in the shuttle race. 3. Check the combination of the needle and thread size as well as the fabric you are trying to sew on - For more information on the correct combination click here. 4. Using a scrap piece of material sew out your stitch and adjust the thread tension.

Apr 26, 2015 · The bottom thread is loose when sewing a straight stitch. It does not appear to happen with any other stitch, I have been able to complete my project by using a zigzag stitch. I oiled my machine, this improved the overall performance of my machine but .

When upper and lower thread tensions are balanced, knot between top and bottom threads is hidden between fabric layers (top). When lower tension is too loose (or upper tension is too tight), knot is visible on right side (left). When upper tension is too loose (or lower tension is too tight), knot is visible on wrong side (right).Author: Threads Magazine.

With a serger stitch, there are four threads to consider: the two straight stitches, and the upper and lower looper stitches. Each and every time you use your serger, you should test your stitch. The stitch in the center shows an ideal balance between the straight stitches and the looper stitches.