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Lady Tara’s free hypnosis will give you a first impression of erotic hypnosis and her beautiful voice. It can also help you practice to relax and reach a deeper and more effective trance. Lady Surrender’s free fractionation hypnosis will drop you deep into incredibly arousing, mindless trance.

VIVE Hypnosis – Free erotic hypnosis mp3. Hello I am ViVe – Let me welcome you to my free erotic hypnosis site. Inside, you will find a large variety of hypnosis files tailored to multiple fetishes. You can sort through the audio files by clicking on the appropriate tags listed.

This is a set of latex tentacle themed files including an anal stimulation, oral stimulation, body massage, and aphrodisiac themed clip. It also features a reinforcement induction and deepener to better enhance the passive bondage and ravishment portion of the latex, aphrodisiac coated tentacles featured in so many of my other files.

Feel how Dark Freya’s erotic hypnosis enraptures you! If you want to find out what a session with her feels like, this free erotic hypnosis will give you a small hint of what is possible.

Erotic Hypnosis and the Hands-Free Orgasm Hypnosis can lead to you experiencing sensations more deeply and intensely, and to discovering new things about yourself and what turns you on. In addition to these valuable benefits, many men seek out erotic hypnosis videos or hypnotists to help themselves to achieve a hands-free orgasm.