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can fuck like live lyric this we yeah

With friends like this She lets me drive her car So I can score an eighth From the lesbians Out west in Venice Oh, California in the Summer Ah, and my hair is growing long Fuck yeah, we can live like this But if you left it up to me Everyday would be A holiday from .

I'm scared because though we just met There's this energy between us Let's just go somewhere, we can fuck I could say I'm sorry all of my life That wouldn't be true. I only say and do the things that I do 'Cause I'm in love with you I'm scared because though we just met I want you so bad, baby Don't you want to come with me We can fuck Oh oh.

they screamin' like yeah, yeah, yeah mister, mister quick to get witcha chick if she get off quick for this* she be like yeah, yeah, yeah (verse 3) yeah, i think they with me mang, yeah, yeah, this is Kansas City mang the industry still punks that's why they real slum but when we indie's drop all .

Aug 11, 2017 · Doin' It Lyrics: Damn, ooh, she got ass on her / Got the trap, can't deny, I can't pass on her / I'm like fuck it, I might cuff it, then brag on her / Fuck Lenox, we at Phipps, I blew a bag on her.