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Get a Fuck Knuckle mug for your cousin Bob. 4. Fuck-Knuckle unknown. Brick-like intellegence coupled with new levels of arse-holiness. My boss is a real fuck-knuckle. by morningwood faerie February 05, 2003. 36 6. Get a Fuck-Knuckle mug for your brother Georges. 5. Fuck knuckle unknown. An idiot, a .

May 30, 2019 · fuck-knuckle (plural fuck-knuckles) (vulgar, slang, derogatory, Australia, New Zealand) An idiot. 1986 June 12, Richard Martins, The Cinch (Random House Publishing Group), page 95: That little fuck-knuckle is into me for eighteen dimes, plus interest.

Someone who is an idiot, or acting that way. Example: Shut the fuck up you little fuck knuckle.

a wanker, an idiot, a jack-off. technically someone who fucks their knuckle, i.e. their hand.