- fuck that rap song


fuck that rap song

The song and the group were parodied in the 1994 hip-hop mockumentary film Fear of a Black Hat and its soundtrack album, as a single for the fictional gangsta-rap group N.W.H. (Niggaz With Hats) as "Fuck the Security Guards." The song is referenced in BWP's Genre: Gangsta rap, political hip hop, hardcore hip hop.

“Fuck tha Police” takes the form of a trial against the LAPD, with Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and Ice Cube as judge, court officer, and witness. Dr. Dre explained the song was created after the members.

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Sep 19, 2019 · im looking for a song that goes "you met this girl this afternoon, okay- fuck, shes looking scared maybe like you shouldve came prepared with a poem? a haiku? maybe a hug? you know- i couldve killed you and hidden you with a rug. what the fuck?! did you just say that you fucking psychotic-" i heard this from a tiktok so i dont have the rest.