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gay marriage is wrong. being gay is wrong. men sleeping with men is wrong, women sleeping with women is wrong. even if the whole world finds it acceptable and makes it legal and shows it on TV all DAY LONG, it is still WRONG. If people wanted the right to sleep with their siblings, it would still be wrong even if it became legal.

No. It is not wrong to be you. It is not wrong to love others of the same gender. There may be people who try to convince you otherwise, they may say awful and hurtful things, and may even try to Occupation: Drug & Alcohol Counselor.

Jul 11, 2011 · No, it is not wrong to be gay. People are born gay or straight. People do not choose their sexual orientation. It is not a choice for them. However, I do think that some gay men choose to be promiscuous, to be girly, and to like fashion, which kind of stereotypes the entire LGBT community. Not all gay men are promiscuous, girly, and like fashion.Followers: 2.

Nothing Wrong with Being Gay. I don't believe there is anything wrong with being gay. My two aunts are by far my favorite relatives, they have gone through a lot after and before getting married. But most of my family supports them. Being straight doesn't make you any better then anyone else.

Jul 15, 2019 · the wrong gay This weekend somebody wrote a hit piece on Pete Buttigieg. It's expected, that during the pre-election cycle stories will surface that will try to tear down the candidates. But this one was especially vicious. It was nasty, mean-spirited, lacking context and downright homophobic.Author: Sixpence Notthewiser.