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How to Measure Women's Swimwear and Clothing measurements for a bikini

To get the most accurate measurements, have someone else measure you. Be sure to hold the measuring tape straight and snug, not tight, to your body. Bust: Measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor. This measurement will assist you in determining your swimwear or clothing size for tops and dresses.

Bikini top size is determined with the same size system as the bikini bottom, just by adding your bust measurement in addition to waist and hips measurements. Size example: Bikini Bottom: 8/M, Top Size: 8/M (if you can pick bottom size and top size separately) or Bikini Size: 8/M (if sized as a set). Use the bikini size chart below to determine.

This chart below is measurements on CUSTOM orders only. Stock inventory runs about 3/4 inches smaller giver or take in dimensions! Competing at several shows with different bikini coverage requirements: Need back up bottoms or back up top for your Ravish Sands bikini: You can use the affiliated promotion code per product description.

Jul 30, 2018 · This is a revision of one of my more popular articles. It seems the judges have been looking for bikini girls to be leaner and dryer than they were a few years back when I wrote the original article on Ideal Stage Weight for Bikini Competitors.

Heather Childers has maintained an age-defying appearance and fit body even at the age of 48. She still looks too hot in the bikini.