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Accessory hole on the head of penis. Resolved Question: Hello, I don't want to beat around the bush (No pun intended), but I'm concerned about my penis. I seem to have two holes on the head. One is in it's proper place (I've checked online) and the other is about one fourth of a centimeter above it. There's a thin wall of skin between the two.

jlg_shes: hey, i am a male and i have two holes side by side at the center tip of my penis. what usually happens is an extra x chromosome if they are both on top which mine are. one hole is for urine and the other for sperm. we are just more genetically enhanced than most. NOW IF the two holes are not together but spread apart then its a defect and should get fixed.

The surgery, performed under anesthesia, involves using a small piece of foreskin to fashion a tube to extend the urethra to the end of the penis. The original hole is most often left as is since the urethra now bypasses it. This probably explains why your boyfriend's penis has two holes; only one is functional.

May 03, 2008 · What is the hole on the penis called? does it even have a name? 3 following. 18 answers 18. The entire penis needs to be kept in good health; men can take a proactive step in this direction by regularly using a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Two holes on penis???? Small hole in penis and Followers: 3.

O.. yea. i have the same problem as well. this happened after i was curcumcised, this a prior cause factor? and now the penis hole is getting bigger and more obvious.. should i notice actually there're two holes, one at the normal tip of the head.. another at just below the head on the underside. when i look at them closer.. actually both are ends of a bigger hole of the penis urinal passage.