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A defense of the word sucks. history sucks

History that doesn't suck is a bi-weekly podcast, delivering a legit, seriously researched, hard-hitting survey of American history through entertaining stories.

Sucks is the most concise, emphatic way we have to say something is no good. As a one-syllable intransitive verb, it offers superb economy. Granted, some things require more involved assessments Author: Seth Stevenson.

Nov 08, 2005 · dale scerri, i agree with you. history sucks and who cares about the past. it IS the most useless subject. its really boring. nicolefan619 September 20, 2007. Reply. I was actually just doing my history homework online and I got so frusterated. For some reason, when I start reading about the past, my mind wanders into things that are acutally.

Feb 09, 2009 · I am writing a paper about why history should be an elective (optional), how some people might like it, but it really doesn't help in very many future jobs, I have facts for that. I need some opinions along with facts to help back up my information. Try to make them as in depth as you can. And yes, I do know that history has some good points, and have acknowledged them in my own life, but that Status: Open.

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