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Deadeye Dick later disbanded. Caleb Guillotte and Mark Miller continue to remain active in the local New Orleans music scene as producers. Caleb Guillotte. Caleb Guillotte (born March 13, 1963) is the band's former singer, lead guitarist and principal songwriter.Genres: Alternative rock.

Deadeye Dicks is Ft. Waynes 1st and only indoor axe throwing arena. You will be throwing axes at targets similar to archery. If you are brave enough to channel your inner Paul Bunyan, get on your blue ox and ride over to Deadeye Dicks tonight!

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Deadeye Dick is Kurt Vonnegut’s funny, chillingly satirical look at the death of innocence. Amid a true Vonnegutian host of horrors—a double murder, a fatal dose of radioactivity, a decapitation, an annihilation of a city by a neutron bomb—Rudy Waltz, aka Deadeye Dick, takes us along on a zany search for absolution and happiness.3.8/5.