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Mature size is influenced by nutrition, health history, breed, and the foal’s genetics, among other factors, but a rough estimate of adult height can be gotten by using a measuring tape. To get an idea of mature size, stand the young foal squarely on a level surface (this will go much more smoothly if the foal has been halter-broken, leads.

Jan 02, 2008 · a mare's first foal tends to be born smaller than subsequent foals, and the first baby's mature height is slightly smaller. some claim that height is inherited more from the dam. look at sibling height to help predict mature height, esp any full siblings. .

Mar 24, 2015 · How big will that newborn foal be when he’s full-grown? While a horse’s mature size can be influenced to some extent by nutrition, illness, serious injuries, and genetic makeup, a rough estimate of eventual height can be achieved with a simple measurement.. With the foal standing evenly balanced on a solid surface, measure the distance from the ground to the foal’s elbow (the leg joint.

This is apparently most accurate when the measurement is taken on foals 6 months or older. When considering potential mature height, it is also worth noting that young foals that look more like a scaled down version of a large horse are more likely to be smaller when they are full grown.

Example: a foal measuring 15 ¼ inches translated to a mature horse measuring 15.1hh, (61” tall at the highest point on the withers). This handy measurement, when broken down, is easily seen to be one-quarter of the horse’s mature height.