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From pro basketball to amateur boxing, America’s No. 1 heavyweight Danielle Perkins shooting for a medal at the World Championships Davis and Torrez Jr. Move on to Quarterfinals of 2019 World.

Apr 03, 2011 · Boxing is tough, I know. But just exactly HOW tough? I spoke to several boxing trainers and from what they all told me, here is the bare minimum for anybody looking to fight in amateur boxing competition. This here is the VERY MINIMUM you should at least be able to do all in one day if you want to compete at the amateur level.

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International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA,) established 1946, responsible for amateur boxing events in general (with World Boxing Championships and Boxing World Cup being the top of it.) National amateur boxing associations and boxing committees are subjected to its decisions, rules, and regulations.

Amateur boxing is divided into four weight classes -- featherweight, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight. With the exception of heavyweight which has no limit, each class has a weight limit range. Determine which class you currently fit in, or wish to fit in, then move forward with training to.